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Sibelius files

You need Sibelius Scorch plug-in to see scores and to play them. You can download a free player at Sibelius Scorch.  Please keep in mind that most MIDI synthesizers on your computer produce mediocre listening experience.  My computer is no exception.  So, I've highlighted links to MP3 files I deem acceptable by giving them real names or by using bold font.  All other links labeled MP3 and MIDI are listed for reference only.  Some MP3 files were recorded during sight-reading sessions.  Keep in mind that these excellent musicians played my music for the first time without prior practice.

Audio File Sibelius Others Comment
I Wish You a Jingle Belly Christmas Sib 4 Full Score Piano (2010) A piano/cello duet arranged for my niece Sheryl Huang who just turned seven. Midi.
You've got an Imaginary Friend in Jesus Sib 4 PDF (2009) Midi
Turn Your Eyes Sib 4 PDF (2007) Extended for Elisha
Edit War in Wikidom Sib 4 PDF (2007) Summer 2007. A short, merciless edit war in Wikidom, comprising 3 mini battles.  For violin, viola and cello.  Alternate version with viola in treble clef: sib and pdf.
A House for the Feeble-Minded Sib 4 PDF (2007) Juilliard Spring 2007.  Duet for tenor and baritone with piano accompaniment. Adapted from the short story 'Profession' by Isaac AsimovLyricMidi-rendered version.
Adagio Allegro Bizarrito Sib 4 Full Score (2007) Juilliard Spring 2007.  Bizarre concerto grosso sextet. Individual parts: clarinet in Bb, bassoon, trumpet in Bb, tenor trombone, violin and celloMidi-rendered mp3.
Noodly Appendages of the FSM
(Duo version)
Sib 4 PDF (2007) Juilliard Spring 2007.  Eerie, heavenly music of the FSM.  Recording by Gilad Harel, Alistair MacRae & Wei-En Hsu.  Reading (violin) by Yonah Zur and Blair McMillen.  Versions renamed and rearranged for clarinet/cello/piano and clarinet/piano as part of Wedding Suite 2007.
Climbing Mount Improbable Sib 4 PDF (2007) Figured bass by Conrad Cummings. Recording by Gilad Harel & Wei-En Hsu.  Violin and piano arrangements by me. MIDI-rendered. Version rearranged for clarinet/piano as part of Wedding Suite 2007.
Perilous Journey along the Silk Road Sib 4 PDF (2007) Juilliard Spring 2007. Partially derived from my earlier unnamed string quartet.  MID-rendered.  Reading on Feb 1st.  Dry version.  Parts: Violin1, Violin2, Viola and Cello.
Stop the Nagging, Please Sib 4 PDF (2006) Juilliard Fall 2006.  Piano Solo. Recording by Wei-En Hsu.  Reading by Blair McMillen.  The music will make much more sense if you listen to it while following the score on another browser window.
We are Made of Stars
the story of RNA
Sib 4 PDF (2006) Juilliard Fall 2006.  Soprano, Mezzo-soprano and piano. Lyric - a tribute to Carl Sagan.
Gandalf and his Fireworks Sib 4 PDF
w/o keys
(2006) Juilliard Fall 2006, for Harp and Marimba. MIDI-rendered.
Once Upon a Time Somewhere Sib 4   (2006) Juilliard Fall 2006. Reading by brass quintet. Full score at concert pitchTrumpet1Trumpet2HornTenor TromboneBass TromboneMidi-rendered.
Wedding Suite 2007     Wedding Suite 2007 for my brother's 2007 wedding.
  Organ Overture Sib 4 PDF (2006) Rearranged from Your Fish Tank for Organ.  MIDI-rendered.
  Royal March Sib 4   (2006) Juilliard Fall 2006.  Full scoreTrumpet1Trumpet2HornTenor TromboneBass Trombone Midi-rendered Dry version First reading.
  Celebration     (2007) Full score Trumpet1 Trumpe2HornTenor TromboneBass Trombone
  Bridal March     (2007) Full score (transposed) Trumpet1 Trumpet2Horn Tenor TromboneBass Trombone.
  Adagio Sib 4   (2007) Full scoreTrumpet1, Trumpet2, Horn, Tenor Trombone & Bass Trombone.   Midi-rendered.
  The Road Ahead     (2007) Full score (transposed)Trumpet1, Trumpet2, Horn, Tenor Trombone & Bass Trombone
Mu-Bai Borrows the Book Sib pdf Cl. C
pdf Cl. Bb
(2006) Juilliard Fall 2006. Recording by Gilad Harel, Alistair MacRae & Wei-En Hsu. I rearranged previous work (Galloping 2004 - sound track for the video game My Wife) for violin, clarinet and piano. Sight Reading on Oct 5th, 2006.  Dry version.
  Gung Ho   pdf Cl. C pdf Cl. Bb (2006) Juilliard Fall 2006.  Sight reading by Gilad Harel and Yonah Zur on Sep 18th, 2006.   Gung-Ho is a result of mistranslation of the phrase "working together" from English to Chinese.  The resulting Chinese words can be variously interpreted as meaning "task harmony" or abbreviation of "industrial worker's cooperative". Version rearranged for clarinet/cello as part of Wedding Suite 2007.
  Gung Ho (clarinet/cello) Sib in Bb, C (2007) Rearranged for clarinet and cello. Recording by Gilad Harel & Alistair MacRae.  Midi-rendered.
Scherzo Sib PDF (2006) Short piano piece. Recording by Wei-En Hsu. Midi-rendered.
They Walked Away
with Your Guitar
Sib PDF (2006) Juilliard Exercise 6. Recording by Wei-En Hsu.  Sight Reading by Michael Fennelly on May 4th, 2006.  Midi file (v2)Midi-rendered (v1).
Uncle Sam's Soldiers
Sib PDF (2006) Performed by Lillian Redl (vocal) and Michael Fennelly (piano) on May 5th, 2006.  Midi-rendered mp3 without voice.
Classical Blues Sib PDF (2006) Juilliard Exercise 4. Midi-rendered.  A variation on Mozart K388 and Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony.  I imagine this is what Mozart and Tchaikovsky would write together today, if they were alive.  Parts: oboe 1, oboe 2, clarinet 1, clarinet 2, horn 1, horn 2, bassoon 1 and bassoon 2.  Sight reading by wind ensemble.
Carnival Special Sib PDF (2006) Juilliard Exercise 3. Midi-renderedMIDI file.  Sight reading by Ying Hsueh Chen and Alex Lipowski. 

A Taste of Asia

Sib PDF (2006) Juilliard Composition I, section 3, Exercise 2. Recording by Gilad Harel, Alistair MacRae & Wei-En Hsu.  Sight Reading by Jean, Clarice and Sarah.  Midi-renderedDescription.  Version rearranged for clarinet/cello/piano as part of Wedding Suite 2007.
Tango Sans Melody Sib PDF (2006) Juilliard Composition I, section 3, Exercise 1.  It's derived from the first few bars of Le Little Tango.  This piece is performed by Alex Lipowski.
Thingymajigtus Sib PDF  Lyric (2005) Lyric for accompanying voices is borrowed from Mozart's Requiem.

Juilliard Composition I recordings:  Spring 2006  Fall 2006  Spring 2007  Short Bio



1 Eternal Bliss 2:30
2 A Taste of Asia 2:50
3 Mu-Bai Borrows the Book 2:50
4 Le Little Tango 2:45
5 Climbing Mount Improbable 1:30
6 Gung Ho 1:30
7 Stop the Nagging Please 2:00
8 They Walked Away with Your Guitar 2:45
9 Scherzo 1:30

A Taste of Asia, 2006.  Tracks marked 'reading' were recorded in class where musicians came in and sight-read the music.

1 A Taste of Asia (Reading) 02:45             6 Tango Sans Melody (Reading) 01:54
2 They Walked Away with Your Guitar (Reading) 02:46   7 Thingimajigtus (Miriam) 02:18
3 Onward, Uncle Sam's Soldiers (Recital) 03:24   8 A Taste of Asia (MIDI) 02:38
4 Classical Blues (Reading) 02:31   9 They Walked Away with Your Guitar (MIDI) 03:15
5 Carnival Special (MIDI) 02:49        

Penguins Keep Marching, 2005. I created this first album as a present to my mom on her 60th birthday.  All tracks are computer-generated at the time, except track 3.  I have since recorded performance by real musicians for track 2.

1 Penguins Keep Marching 02:46             10 String Quartet 02:28
2 Le Little Tango 02:44   11 I Love Bach 01:39
3 Chinese Serenade 02:24   12 Your Fish Tank Organ 03:12
4 Your Fish Tank Miriam 03:14   13 Duel Harpsichord 00:49
5 Galloping 02:24   14 Indecision 01:36
6 Walk Before You Fly 03:14   15 Chinese Serenade Marimba 02:14
7 Solemn Prelude 02:27   16 Beach 01:14
8 Royal March 02:29   17 Whistles and Claps 00:34
9 Remembrance 02:15   18 Encounter of the Four Parts 00:50

More Sibelius files

Sibelius File Others Comment
Walk before you fly Mp3 Prev PDF (2005) Yeah, try walking before you fly.
Le Little Tango Mp3
(2005) Le Grand Tango by Astor Piazzolla performed by Felix Fan at NJPAC on Oct 2, 2005 inspired this music, thus the title.  Recording by Alistair MacRae & Wei-En Hsu  Midi-rendered version.
Penguins Keep Marching Mp3 PDF Midi (2005) This is written for two players on one piano, in celebration of my mother's 60th birthday. I finally found a name for it after watching the March of the Penguins.
Solemn Prelude Mp3 PDF (2005) Elisha's composition
Remembrance Mp3 PDF (2002/2005) I slightly rearranged a piece written by a friend.
Your Fish Tank (Organ) Mp3  PDF This pieces almost sounds like church music when played on Organ.  Maybe I should rename it The Sorrow of Brother Jesus or something.
Your Fish Tank MiriamMp3 Roland  Lyric  PDF (2005) This is my first vocal music.  The Miriam mp3 is sung by Vocaloid Miriam. Here are slideshows featuring underwater pictures taken by Bruce Yates (Underwater Reflections): 320x240, 800x600, 1024x768. "Your Fish Tank" serves as background music in these slideshows.  Soprano, Tenor & Bariton version. Sib.
String Quartet For Guitar Mp3  PDF Partial attempt to rearrange this piece for Guitar.
String Quartet Mp3  PDF (2005) Send me a mail if you can think of a good name for this piece. Extracted scores for: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Cello.
Royal March Mp3  Prev PDF (2005) Written for weddings of friends in the coming year.  But nobody wants to play it.  Sad.
Galloping (rearranged for the game MyWife)

Original Galloping



(2004) I finally finished reading the 5-volume Crane-Iron Legends by Wang Du-Lu (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame). The last volume inspired me to write this music. But it did not come out in the same style I set out to accomplish. Instead, it reminded me of a scene in volume II where Li Mu-Pai (i.e. Chow Yun-Fat in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) stole some martial art books from a poor monk in a mountain temple.
Chinese Serenade Mp3 recording


(2002) This was written for my father's 60th birthday.  It is partially inspired by Tan Dun's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" played by Yo Yo Ma.  It is also inspired by Yo Yo Ma's Appalachia Waltz album. 3 friends from Juilliard came to my house to play PS2 games and ended up recording this piece for me. Remember that this was the first take played by 3 tired musicians with paralyzed fingers after 3 hours of button mashing.
Jazzy Melody Mp3 (2003) 16 bars of jazzy melody
Duel (harpsichord)

Duel (guitars)



(2002) Initially written as a short piece for two string instruments, this piece sounded very good played by guitars or harpsichord, too.
Indecision MIDI


(2002) What instrument is best for this music?  Cello?  Guitar?  No piano accompaniment?  Can't the piece be made longer?  Richer?  (somehow Sibelius to MIDI conversion skips the second last bar)
I Love Bach (Guitar) Mp3  PDF Partial attempt to rearrange this piece for Guitar.
I Love Bach MIDI PDF Mechanical variations on 8 bars of music.  I can't believe I made it this long.
Whistles and Claps MIDI PDF (2002) Experimental body music :)

Noteworthy Composer files

You need Noteworthy Composer to see scores. You can download a free player here Noteworthy Composer Player

Noteworthy file Others Comment
Variation on Panis Angelicus MIDI (2002) Very first piece I wrote.  This adds bass and jazzy piano parts to an existing chorus rendition of Panis Angelicus.  The piece is not yet finished and will probably remain so for foreseeable future.
Beach MIDI (2002) This is supposed to be a piano piece about waves on a beach.  I'm not sure I re-created such feeling :)  It was meant to played on cello (me) and piano (my wife).  But she doesn't like it.
Encounter of the Four Parts MIDI (2002) You know the main tune of the Close Encounter of the Third Kind? D-E-C-(low)C-(low)G?  Imagine a four part canon for string instruments written based on this tune.

Most of my work shown here are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License (Fred Hsu 2005).  Send mails to