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The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of AtheismThe Out Campaignalso see Richard

Fictions I wrote in Chinese

葛理翰牧師的夢魘 - Evolution of Christianity (satirical) : September 2003
    Translated to English by stillwaters (September 2006)

劇 - A Play (science fiction) : published by World Journal in July 1992

In English:

        The Blessed One : June 2007

        The Lost Cause : March 2009

Wiki Presence

辛亥生網誌 - Xinhai Dude

Writing by others:

Elisha Huang's translation of Wu Ningkun's review of Ha Jin's "War Trash" published on HRIC.

Transcriptions and Translations of Richard Dawkins videos:

English transcript of Dawkins being interviewed by Stephen Colbert
Chinese translation of Colbert report (not yet finished)
English transcript of 1st segment of "The Four Horsemen"

Other resources

Introduction to Evolution