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Xinhai Dude

I will eventually decommission this website and move everything to my Xinhai Dude site.

Cello Music

I really do love the cello, but am not talented to even consider pursuing it for entertaining folks. After endless attempts to try to play the first Bach cell suite, I managed to record a session of the Minuet 2 from Suite 1 that does not immediately make me want to kill myself when I listen to it. It is still out of tune in most places, and there is no real phrasing to speak of. But here it is: Minuet 2 from Bach Cello Suite No. 1.

Screenshots and Videos of XBox One Games (2013)

8 Years after I learned to play GT4 without using the brake, I tried to retrain myself to do the same in Forza5. But it turned out collision physics is more realistic in Forza5, and I couldn't manage to pull this off without braking. So, instead, I learned to drift.

Screenshots and Videos of PS2 games (2005)

Advanced driving video shows you how to brake by bumping into other cars and finish first without real driving skills. You can also see it at youtube:

Xinhai Dude Elsewhere

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Cycling at Taroko Gorge (2009)

Video was captured by a cheap camera mounted on my bike as I cycled downhill on the treacherous roads carved into the Taroko Gorge. The 10 min video captured roughly one third of the time it takes to coast from Tiansiang down to the Eternal Spring Shrine. The rest of time was spent climbing slowly uphill. Background music is my own.        

Ornithopter Video (2007)

Video showing the toy ornithopter, the DragonFly, flying under light breeze, and under strong wind: high quality version & low quality version.


On youtube:

Studies on Colors (2007)

Ongoing research on human color perception and color vision deficiencies.  I wrote a tool program to visualize colors during research.  This program is undergoing active enhancement at the moment.  You may need to save this gdiplus.dll to your c:\winnt directory for Windows 2000.  The program should work without the need to install gdiplus.dll on Windows XP.  Use F1 to get context help.  The program current features following interactive experiments:

1) Opponent Functions


2) RGB Trilinear Coordinates


3) RGB Tuples


Books on Evolution (2006, 2007)

I am rewriting wikipedia articles on evolution and on books by Richard Dawkins.  The first is River Out of Eden.  Other recent rewrites include Mitochondrial Eve and most recent common ancestor.

Wood Carving (2005)

The wood carving below is combination of cowfish and boxfish.

Autostereogram (2006)

I created these Magic Eye autostereograms. You can find more autostereograms and learn how to view them at wikipedia.

The bottom part of this random dot autostereogram is free of 3D images.  It is easier to trick the brain into matching pairs of patterns in this area.
animated autostereogram. [800x200 version]

Starfield Animated Autostereogram (2007)

This is a crude, experimental animated autostereogram showing a starfield.  You can download and run the executable for Windows.  Use the 'p' key to pause animation.  Use space bar to advance one frame at a time.  You can resize or maximize the window.  Use the green dots as guides to train your eyes to converge on far depth plane or near depth plane.  You may need to save this gdiplus.dll to your c:\winnt directory for Windows 2000.  The program should work without the need to install gdiplus.dll on Windows XP.

Birthday Game MY WIFE (2004)

I wrote a game called "My Wife" as my wife's birthday present.  This game earned me quite a few wife-points that I recon would be sufficient for me to survive for a quarter until I figure out how to earn more wife-points with another stunt.  The game is quite straightforward.  Just use mouse to point at platforms and then left click to set a goal for the Husband to walk to.  The poor husband (err... that's... me) collects all 40 socks to finish the game, while avoiding annoying cats and my wife.  An encounter with a cat will lighten your load by freeing a few socks you have collected.  Stumble upon my wife, and it will set you back one life (out of three).

I rearranged Galloping to make it sound more like video-game music for My Wife.  You can turn my original music off by hitting the 'a' key, if you find it annoying after it repeats for the thousandth time as you struggle to finish the game.

Download the 350KB executable for Windows XP

You may need to save this gdiplus.dll to your c:\winnt directory for Windows 2000.

If you are of the curious type and want to see the source code (or the paranoid type and don't want to run any executable you haven't compiled yourself), here is the source code.  It is bundled in a zip file, not in a self-extracting executable, for obvious reasons.  The source code package won't be updated as frequently as the executable itself (as I fixed minor bugs).

I made the unfortunate mistake of using gdi+ from microserf as I thought this was a new C++ library they were promoting.  This library is extremely buggy, incomplete and slow.  I won't apologize for obvious algorithmic inefficiencies in my code.  Trust me, they are not bottlenecks in this game.  The ObjectGraphics library for Windows 3.1 which I used 14 years ago was 10 times better than this gdi+ piece of crap.