We are Made of Stars

The story of RNA

by Fred Hsu

In the beginning,
Stars issued forth out of void.
What created them?

It was the Big Bang!
No Big Bang, no space, no time.
No place to hang out.

Amount of matter,
Quite large and uncountable.
Burst out like fireball.

The universe, it expands,
It slows down,
And it swells,
As it winds down,
Forever it keeps spreading out,
As it serenely chills out.

Hydrogen atoms,
Lightest of all elements.
Fuel of newborn stars.

Heavier substances,
Carbon, Oxygen and friends.
Forged in star furnaces.

Exceedingly tired,
Stars burned out.
Vastly overweight,
Guts spewed out.

Watery planet,
Under rough tides,
Bred nucleotides.

Ah, nucleotides,
they come in four flavors:

A, C, U, G
La, Do, Re, So

They make friends with one another.
They pair up with their favorite buddies.

U, G, A, C

They clone themselves,