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Wedding Suite.  Krystina and Mike, April 28th, 2007.  Clarinet trio recording by Gilad Harel, Alistair MacRae & Wei-En Hsu on April 20th, 2007.  Brass quintet rehearsal recording on April 26th, 2007 by Mike Blutman/Chris Venditti (trumpets), Kelly Csillam (horn), Nick Hagen (trombone) and Edward Vinson (tuba).

Event Music Length Instruments Score


Eternal Bliss (Duo version) 2:30 Clarinet, cello & piano Score. Sibelius Clarinet Duet version & sibelius score.
Climbing Mount Improbable 1:30 Clarinet & piano ScoreSibelius.
They Walked Away with Your Guitar 2:45 Piano ScoreSibelius.
Le Little Tango 2:45 Cello & piano Full ScoreCelloSibelius.
Scherzo 1:30 Piano ScoreSibelius.
Gung Ho 1:30 Clarinet & Cello Full score. Sibelius.
Stop the Nagging Please 2:00 Piano ScoreSibelius.
Mu-Bai Borrows the Book 2:50 Clarinet, cello & piano Full Score Clarinet/Cello part Piano part Sibelius.
A Taste of Asia 2:50 Clarinet, cello & piano Full score Cello part Clarinet part. Sibelius.
Overture Organ Overture (long version)
(short version - 1 min)
3:15 Organ Full scoreSibelius.
Seating Royal March 2:00 Brass Quintet Full scoreTrumpet1Trumpet2HornTenor TromboneBass TromboneSibelius.
  Bridesmaids Celebration 2-4 Brass Quintet Full score Trumpet1 Trumpe2HornTenor TromboneBass TromboneSibelius.
Unrolling carpet
Flower girls/ring bearers
Bride and Father Bridal March 5? Brass Quintet
(with apologies to Kenny G.)
Full score (transposed) Trumpet1 Trumpet2Horn Tenor TromboneBass Trombone Sibelius.
Chorus 1 Ode to Joy   Brass Quintet & organ Full score (transposed)Sibelius.
Ring Exchange (soft music) 3-10 Piano  
  Unveil and kiss Adagio 0:30 Brass Quintet Full scoreTrumpet1, Trumpet2, Horn, Tenor Trombone & Bass Trombone Sibelius.
Candles 1-3  
Honoring parents 2-3  
Chorus 2 O Perfect Love   Brass Quintet & organ Full score (transposed)Sibelius.
Recessional The Road Ahead   Brass Quintet Full score (transposed)Trumpet1, Trumpet2, Horn, Tenor Trombone & Bass Trombone Sibelius.

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