Your Fish Tank

By Fred Hsu

Fish keeping, a fun recreation
until your fish pass away without reservation.
It's not a poor man's recreation,
unless your fish outlive your high expectation.

You've got to clean your tank,
change your water,
you must not let algae grow unabated.

But you need them nitrifying bacteria
to decompose them toxic ammonia.
Left with not a single bacterium,
you will have in your hands a dead aquarium.

let the pH be at eight point oh five,
have that S.G. remain one point oh two,
only then will you succeed,

Fish keeping is a fun recreation,
it brings you supreme jubilation,
to see your fish swimming sans preoccupation.

Except when every fish lets you down,
kicks the bucket,
you have no choice but to
flush them down the toilet

(other voices)

Clown fish, cow fish, moray eel,
surgeon fish, discus,
cleaner wrasse.

Angel, fox fish,
fire shrimp, Piccasso trigger,
yellow tang.

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