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[First posted 2/27/2005, Last updated 2/27/2005]

IC3D Stereogram are also known as "random dot stereograms" or autostereograms.  These were first made popular by MagicEye(tm) books.  IC3D stereograms are custom-designed single-image stereograms optimized for low-resolution textures used in There.  I generated all IC3D stereograms using my own background image and my own 3D models.  I even wrote my own program to shift pixels to produce the final stereogram.

Click on any thumbnail below to see the original stereogram at full-size, before resolution reduction for There.  The size quoted under each image is the actual texture size used for There.  The grey-scale image below each stereogram shows the 3D picture encoded in the stereogram.  Notice that these are not depth maps (z-buffer rendering), but regular 3D model rendered by gmax.

Picture Frame (512 x 128)

Banner (512 x 256)


You can try/buy these stereograms at There Auction.

How Do I Learn To See IC3D Stereograms?

Try the following websites to find out how to best learn to see IC3D Stereograms:

wikipedia: Autostereogram and stereogram

How do I see stereograms in stereogram FAQ

Softsource stereogram tutorial

I learned the theory behind autostereograms from Steven Pinker's great book "How the Mind Works".  I highly recommend this book if you are interested in how the brain works.

In-World Screenshots

Click on each thumbnail to see actual screenshots.  You will be surprised to find that even seen from quite far away, the sign still shows the encoded 3D model of the shark clearly.

Scale of the stereogram in relation to other objects. You can still see the 3D model even at this distance.

It is best to look at the banner at 90 degree incident angle (rotate your view to make the banner parallel to the horizon)

The stereogram is on both sides of the sign. But your brain cannot decrypt the stereogram when the image is much inclined.

If you stand at this distance from the stereogram sign...

...you can switch to View | First Person View to see the stereogram clearly.