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[First posted Feb 18, 2004.  Last updated 4/9/2004]

This is a follow up to the Illusion Modeling Tutorial.  This page will not discuss details of this technique.  I will use it to showcase objects modeled using this technique.  Feel free to send me pictures of your illusion-modeled There objects, and I will include them in this page.

Yes, this is a floral ornament.  It contains 200 triangles in LOD0.

Gmax wireframe and UV maps of the cello:

Drums are modeled in a similar manner.  In addition, it is vertex shaded, so that I could use a very small wooden texture to render the side of the drum, while dedicating 2/3 of the texture budget for the drum face (texture & cutout).

The wireframe rendering will show you how this is done.  The first one shows two-sided wireframe.  The second one shows one-sided wireframes.