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[First posted March 25, 2003.  Last updated Nov 21, 2003]

(Nov 21, 2003) Notice that this builder tutorial has not been updated to reflect new There Development Guidelines which is just released.  Polygon/Vertex constraints have been changed.  Also, there are new restrictions concerning texture size and overall object size..  You should use this tutorial only as an introduction to modeling for There.  Please always check with There site on current guidelines before you start your own design.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Great White Shark hoverboard for There. Screenshots of the shark hoverboard in-world are found here.  You can also download the zip file containing the entire tutorial.  Notice that the zip file is last updated Mar 23, 2003.

Before You Start

Create Background Images

Create Shark Mesh

Create Texture Map

Paint the Shark

Test LOD0 In Previewer

Reduce Polygons

Final Examination


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