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Builder club is a small club whose members are accomplished builder developers.  A builder developer is someone who models 3D objects (static or mobile) for use in There.  The club currently does not host a lot of activities.  For the time being, we use the club simply as a means to keep track of builders.

Normally, we send out invitations to new builders whose 3D models have been approved by There, when the news reaches us.  But if you haven't announced your work on the Developer Forum, please apply for membership at the forum website.

Many of our club members have their own showrooms.  Many also drop static outdoor items such as gnomes, cats and teddy bears as displays.  Vehicle models such as custom models of the cruiser hoverboard cannot be left unattended outdoor, because they can be picked up by anyone who happens to pass by.  For this reason, we created the Hoverboard Museum, where all existing hoverboard builder items are displayed.  Unfortunately, after a few months of operating the museum, we were very frustrated by the need to create events everyday, and the need to lay out hoverboards every few hours.  The hoverboard museum is now closed, and will be re-opened when it is possible to do so in There without driving us crazy.

Here are links to individual member's websites: